Without the fluff...

Farawla is a code editor for developers who find more beauty in their code than the Mona Lisa.
With a full view of pure code, and a set of familiar keyboard shortcuts, you will feel at home.
Runs on Windows Vista or better, with .NET 3.5 and supports Ruby, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS
Standalone, zipped.
Around 468 KB.
Extract anywhere and run.
Create your own shortcuts.

Only Code

Quick Jump

Keyboard Shortcuts



Color Picker

Why you should use Farawla?

  • Zero clutter
  • Quick jump file navigation
  • Browser-like keyboard shortcuts
  • (Almost) smart code completion

Why you shouldn't use Farawla?

  • Relatively slow for large files (working on it)
  • Small number of supported languages
  • Not many choices for themes
  • You're an SAP "developer"

Can I suggest something?

Please do. Check out my public todo list here to know what's on my radar. To add, send me an email or a tweet.

What does 'Farawla' mean?

It means strawberry in Arabic.